3B2: 3 BIDS & A BUY

Simple, Elegant & Easy-To-Use:

Field level purchasing enablement with full audit capabilities!


Want to empower your field personnel, but still keep full audit trail of purchasing decisions to increase corporate governance?

BidOut’s 3b2: 3 Bids & A Buy product a simple, elegant & easy-to-use tool that collects pricing, without a formal RFP process, either verbally or through emails. Allows a complete record of the process and has customizable approval workflows to allow certain team members to approve expenses prior to implementing the job.

  1. Easy Purchasing Process
  2. Customizable Approval Workflows
  3. Easy to Manage Attachments & Quotes
  4. Mobile / Tablet Friendly
  5. iOS & Android App-coming Q1 2023

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